Will your lenses be available again?

We're currently working on our new CLAVIUS lenses (available March 2018) which is a significant upgrade to our previous APOGEE series.  An outline of the changes is as follows:-

Extra rugged construction

Internal focus

Reduced breathing, no extension during focusing, improved dust sealing, smoother focus action

Geared aperture ring

Relocated focus ring for extra camera body clearance

Larger witness marks for easier focus pulling

Same vintage optics


These lenses will be a significant step up from our previous range in terms of complexity of design and as such will be subject to a moderate price increase, however the improvements will reduce the requirement of regular servicing and if required, servicing will be more easily undertaken by third party lens technicians.  The lenses will be more dependable when used by untrained operators and within extreme conditions - both situations have often pushed our previous lenses beyond their comfort zone.

Users of our previous series will be offered a cost effective upgrade path where their existing lenses are sent back to be rehoused into the newly designed mechanical assemblies.