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Dog Schidt Optiks

Lo-Fi photographic and cinematographic lenses which impart a rustic aesthetic onto motion and still imagery.  Each lens is crafted here in the UK using historic optical components from times gone by.

Over the years our lenses have found special places inside the gear boxes of some of the most creative and inspiring shooters.  The ability of these humble optics in adding an element of the 'physical' into a medium dominated by lifeless and technically perfect digital capture, post production and delivery means DSO is often the first port of call when an expression of reality and physicality are of artistic importance. 

Richard Gale Optics UK

The clean side of the business.  Bespoke optical services, restoration, modification and development/prototyping/manufacturing of advanced opto-mechanicals for motion picture and creative photographic professionals.

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We're a small outfit who pride ourselves in offering a bespoke service, with everything designed and meticulously assembled by hand here in the UK.