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DSO 'TRUMP' Lens System

Dog Schidt Optiks 'TRUMP' Lens Set (38mm, 58mm, 88mm)


PL Mount (works with PL-EOS adaptors)

F-2.0 Aperture (T-2.3)

Optically Matched using historic glass circa 1970

Variable Aperture - Fluid f2-f16

TRUMP Aperture System - drop in aperture disks for bokeh control / defocus efx 

0.8Mod Geared Focus Ring with 270degrees of rotation

45mm Image Circle - permits use on Full Frame+ (40mm wide sensors @16:9)


Technical Information

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TRUMP38, TRUMP58, TRUMP88, TRUMP Aperture Set (3x, 2x, 1.5x ovals, Triangular, Various Defocus distortion and soft focus apertures), Branded Peli Storm 2500 Waterproof case.

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TRUMP 3 Lens Set - Graphite Black.jpg
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