Rear Optical Cells - OPTIKOV Lens System


These optical cells can be interchanged into TRUMP and OPTIKOV lenses to allow a user control of the optical characteristics of their lenses. Each cell is configured by hand to your specification.  Please include notes with your order so we know how to configure them.  If you leave it blank we'll configure 3 random cells, each with a distinct optical character.  

Options include:-

Ultra Low Contrast - no antireflective coatings

Cleaning Marks - defocus texture, reduced contrast

Element Separation - increases optical surface interactions

Tinting - in combination with the above options, a light reactive ink pigment is applied to optical surfaces providing contrast dependent lift of shadows in with colour of the ink pigment.

Cracked / Course-Ground elements - rough edges create unpredictable flare characteristics

Starburst - finely ground flint particles create a starburst effect and defocus texture

Misaligned Glass - causing smearing and a degraded toy camera aesthetic

Triplet - complete removal of some of the optical elements - changing focal length and defocus character, as well as reducing resolution - good for close up artistic work.

etc etc etc.  Rather than getting too worried about which to select, feel free to give us some info about the look you are hoping for and we can use our best judgement.  We prompt you to be brave and leave us to create something random!  If any cells are not to your linking, send them back and we'll replace them.


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