Current TRUMP/OPTIKOV Special offer - APOGEE LENS SET - 28mm, 38mm, 58mm, 88mm


**Special Offer available only to original owners of TRUMP or OPTIKOV lens sets.** - Save £1050.00 off the full price as a good will gesture to original customers.  This will allow you to upgrade to the new APOGEE series while keeping hold of your original set as a backup, or just sell them if they're no longer required! - In the future we may offer the option to send your original lenses back for a more substantial rebate however due to our workload it may be more efficient to sell off your existing lenses yourselves since it will avoid the current UK customs hassles we have been encountering.

The new APOGEE lens series takes the helm as our flagship range combining all of qualities of our previous lenses.


- Historic optical elements

- Classical lower contrast rendering

- Ultra responsive to flaring

- Interchangeable aperture disks (ovals, soft focus, defocus distortion, apodised, translucent etc)

- Unorthodox optical designs

- f/2.0 aperture throughout the range

- Full Frame / VV coverage (designed for a 43.5mm image diagonal)

- Pleasing balance of resolution and character


External housings have been redesigned and manufactured in durable hard-anodised aluminium.  The result is an overall reduction in weight and a modern and hard wearing satin black external finish.

Focus scales (imperial or metric) and aperture markings are UV reactive meaning they can be charged with a UV torch and more easily seen by the AC in dimly lit environments.

As before, our PL mounts are machined in stainless steel and work with EOS-PL adaptors meaning users of canon mount systems can make use of our lenses without mechanical or mirror issues. - Speed Boosters work great!      

The variable aperture allows fluid adjustment from f2 down to f16 with circular bokeh throughout the range.  Alongside the variable aperture, each lens set comes with a selection of 'waterstop' aperture disks which allow the user to shape the defocus rendering - for instance, using one of the many oval aperture inserts these lenses deliver a very convincing anamorphic defocus rendering.  Multiples of the most popular aperture disks are included meaning the full set of lenses can all be pre-installed with matching aperture disks for easier integration into production schedules.  




Stainless PL Mount (works with PL-EOS adaptors)

F-2.0 Aperture (circaT-2.3)

Optically Matched using historic glass

Variable Aperture - fluid f2-f16

TRUMP Aperture System - drop in aperture disks for bokeh control / defocus efx 

0.8Mod Geared Focus Ring - with 270degrees of rotation

43.5mm Image Circle - permits use on Full Frame+ (40mm wide sensors @16:9)

86mm x 0.75 - front filter thread


PL-EOS adaptor can be ordered HERE


APOGEE28, APOGEE38, APOGEE58, APOGEE88, Aperture Set (3x, 2x, 1.5x ovals in various f-stops, Triangular, Octagonal, Various defocus distortion and soft focus apertures)   Please note, we no longer ship lenses in peli cases due to the added shipping weight resulting in greater likelihood of damage in transit.  Those wishing to case their lenses should order 'Peli Storm 2500' or 'Peli 1510' cases.

See TECHNICAL page for weight of each lens.

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